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Expanded Movement dynamics

Added by Oktyabr over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Expanded movement dynamics including:
- controlled drop from top of walls, storage containers, etc.
- climb over fence, wall, etc.
- boost/supply hand hold to help others up higher obstacles.
- Run + Jump from roof top to lower roof top, balcony to top of vehicle below, (base jumping anyone?), etc.


Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

I'dd append

- Any cover system. As in RO2 as best example, or in worst case at least some couple of controls to peek safely at the top and the sides of the cover, without imminent propelling of most of your body and weapons to visibility. Blindfire and grenade behind corner throw are welcome too for close combat, esp. inside buildings (which is not good at all now :( ). Some good (but not perfect) examples are also showed in SMK Animations mod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vklOq6KFQy4
- Pistol holster . Please. It must obey 2xCTRL :)
- Leaning and aiming capturable as animations leaning and aiming up and down is now done somehow out of my understanding, but my idea is to make it being registered by animationState function, so that advanced scriptable unit aiming and movement controls get possible. May be a new EventHandler for them?

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Animations to overcome obstacles, throwing the body with an emphasis on hand through the objects!
About Cover system - its good realised in SMK anims mod!

Updated by Magician over 5 years ago

About SMK i like fast swicth: primary weapon to sidearm, Arma 3 need speedy action animations, sometimes in arma 2 character killed while change from primaryweapon to launcher or primaryweapon to heal or put stachels, sometimes is frustating, i can move fast but character take his time for change weapon...fuck is the war why are so relaxed? it deserve die

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