Bug #26297

Low GPU Usage MP Only (low and stuttery FPS, GTX 400 series)

Added by Burdy over 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:Assigned Start date:11/11/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:03/01/2012
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Category:Performance breakdown
Target version:1.63 BETA
Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:When I first played online
Reproduced by another DH user:No First affected ArmA II version:1.60.87580
I am using some Mods:Yes Single / Multi Player?:MP Only
I am using:CO (OA+A2) BIForumURL:
Reproducible for you:Yes NGUrl:
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Me and some users are noticing low GPU usage on MP, which leads to low FPS. GPU usage is around 30-50%. This Issue does not exist in SP. Exists in all versions of the game (I use a GTX 470)

Repro mission

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related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #6963: Remote AI calculated on the dedicated server still has a ... Rejected 12/15/2009 11/01/2010
duplicated by ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #33522: Low GPU Usage and Low FPS in Multiplayer Duplicate 06/18/2012


Updated by MavericK96 over 5 years ago

Happens to me with GTX 570s as well.

In places like Takistan, it seems to run fine. I get 50-75% GPU utilization or higher.

In places like Chernarus where there are a lot more trees, I get slowdown and 25-30% GPU utilization.

Not sure if it is solely tree-related, but that's where I notice it the most (also user-made islands like Celle, which also has large forests)

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

  • Due date set to 12/01/2011
  • Status changed from New to Feedback
  • Assignee deleted (Burdy)
  • Priority changed from Urgent to Normal
  • Target version deleted (Upcoming version)

Updated by DukeNukeM over 5 years ago

Reference this thread on BIS forums.


Updated by kju over 5 years ago

Read: CIT Bug #6963: Remote AI calculated on the dedicated server still has a major impact on client FPS

It cannot be different.

Updated by Burdy over 5 years ago

  • I am using set to CO (OA+A2)

Updated by kordax over 5 years ago

For example - Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2.
Even if server have only 15 fps, everyone in-game can have up-to 75 (vsync on) without any problems.

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

Those games are using the Real Virtuality engine and support (complex) AI in MP ?
Especially read http://dev-heaven.net/issues/6963#note-28

Updated by kotov over 5 years ago

it remind me bug in warfare map.over 3-4 hour graphic card stop working and fps drop from 30-60 to 5-6.Normally I go to video setting change any value and can play 5-10 minutes normally after same happens again.If I restart pc and join same game I can play some time more without any problems.But most of time I cant join same map due to all slots bugged.
obviously Benny will tell you that it is vanilla bug and bis will tell you that mission bug.I think both :).

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

Sounds unrelated (sounds more like flush related), perhaps put it in a new ticket with full details, rpt, etc. Perhaps they can fix :)
Also check out the latest 1.60betas.

Updated by Burdy over 5 years ago

Found out its in SP as well as MP

Updated by EasyC over 5 years ago

Adding my findings...

Results during Warfare, pics taken different times during game. Included in-game gpu usage and cpu usage from Process Explorer.

Settings + AToC=0, FXAA=17, 275.33 drivers.

About 1hr into game.
in-game gpu usage
cpu usage

About 2hrs into game.
in-game gpu usage
cpu usage

About 3hrs into game.
in-game gpu usage
cpu usage

My System:
i7 2600k @ 4.6Ghz (HT off)
Gigabyte P67A-UD5-B3
4GB Mushkin Redline (1600mhz 6-8-6-24)
Win7 Ultimate 64-bit
C300 128gb SSD, 1TB Samsung F3
Corsair HX-750w
Asus Xonar Essence ST

Updated by Dwarden over 5 years ago

  • Target version set to 1.61 BETA

setting target, so it not vanish from radar

Updated by MichaelGER over 5 years ago

I have got the same problem. Warfare is unplayable after some minutes. GPU is nearly at idle and CPU is around 60-70 percent. Problem persists in 1.60.

AMD Phenom X4 9850 (4x2.5GHz)
Nvidia GTX275 - Driver: 285.62
Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H - Bios version F11

Updated by Dwarden over 5 years ago

if this problem is related to tons of AI running on AI or some client ...

then it's unrelated to problem with MP w/o any AI ...

FPS of server / all clients would be needed to know who is causing the bottleneck ...

Updated by Timmoboy over 5 years ago

Don't know if this is related but i'll write it anyway.

I just played a game of pr with the full 1.60 patch. We were around 50-60 players. No ai.
At the start of the mission my fps were normal but after 40 min it dropped from around 60 to 30 fps.

The gpu usage was then only at 40-50%. No matter what I did with my graphic settings the fps stayed the same.

GTX 560 Ti
Phenom II x4 965 BE
W7 x64

Updated by Burdy over 5 years ago

Found out the issue is not only MP

Updated by Horus over 5 years ago

This problem reported people with nvidia GPU and 64bit OS. Try to fix this problem with -winxp commandline parameter or limit windows memory in startup paramaters to <4GB memory.

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

Burdy wrote:

Found out the issue is not only MP

Any repro mission?

Updated by Burdy over 5 years ago

Updated by EasyC over 5 years ago

Just wondering if you guys get what looks (and feels) like frame skipping occasionally in your MP games. Usually when your fps and gpu usage is quite low I've noticed this occurs.

Updated by zGuba over 5 years ago

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Updated by case-1489 over 5 years ago

yep and i have an ATI 5870 video card on an win 7 64bit os and it goes on all the time for me o and max gpu fps is 20 to 26 and that is when nun is on the map and will go down to 5 or 10 fps win there is a lot going on in the map and the gpu will not go past 30%

Updated by Leopardi about 5 years ago

I have the same, my HD 7870 2GB is being utilized by about 20-30% only, leading to a horrible fps. I have a PII X6 1090T Black Edition @ 3,91GHz, it shouldnt be this bad. BF3 utilizes 100% of my GPU all the time.

Updated by RubberGrunt about 5 years ago

This "mother of all bugs" should have the highest priority of all:

I wonder if the developers ever try to play the game themselves on a warfare server like WASP on the Cherno-map with 50 players...

fps drops to a horrible level...no repro needed. Play the game. Client gpu fps shouldn't be dependent on server cpu fps, it hurts my brain and ruins the playability.

- stop fixing the small bugs and get going on this one...then do the small ones.

btw: my gpu is GeForce gtx 570 1280mb. this is not a hardware problem...as other also reports.


Updated by MavericK96 about 5 years ago

Still occurs for me with i7 920 @ 3.995 GHz and a GTX 680. Using the latest beta (Build 93160), and the last few before it.

Updated by kju about 5 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.61 BETA to 1.63 BETA

Updated by Scoggs almost 5 years ago

  • Graphics card changed from GTX 470 to GTX 580
  • Graphics card driver version changed from 285.72 to 301.42
  • CPU changed from I5 760 @ 4.0 GHZ to i7 @ 4.6GHz
  • Mainboard chipset changed from Asus p55d-e pro to EVGA P67
  • System RAM size changed from 6 to 16
  • GPU VRAM size changed from 2 to 1498
  • I am using some Mods changed from No to Yes
  • Reproducible for you changed from No to Yes
  • First affected ArmA II version changed from 1.52.71816 to 1.60.87580
  • Single / Multi Player? set to MP Only

having this problem with a 580, only using about 36% right now. Works fine at the beginning of the game(Warfare and I am hosting) but as the game progresses GPU usage drops

Updated by MagicStuffUser almost 5 years ago

Fully confirmed, 11 players on our servers have this issue, his Rigs:
Core2Duo 2.4Ghz - i7 3.2Ghz
6-16Gb RAM
GPU nVidia: 9600GT, 460ti, 560ti, 580, gtx680(Asus DC II Top), radeon 7970!
Win7, medium settings of game (atoc 0,fxaa 0, screen res no more 1440x900, video mem - default, textures medium, vsync Off, HDR - High or Medium, objects&details medium)

And all players have 12-35fps in clear MP mission(Utes or DesertE, and players only), Dedi serv!!!

having this problem with a 580, only using about 36% right now

We too! And CPU 30-50% no more (mass tests)
OS's configured perfectly...
Its begins after 1.60 update.

On nVidia card we try to revert drivers to v286 (have latest 301), but no result

Updated by Scoggs almost 5 years ago

Just ran the Warfare mission in the Editor. Ran at 60 fps and was using 75%-85%. However in MP it drops.

Updated by kotov over 4 years ago

my results:

After upgrading from win7-32 to 64 and 1.62 issues with FPS drop in warfare maps are gone.For all time since 1.62 I never saw it again.

Updated by Groove_C over 4 years ago

Also have this issue with my GTX 580 3GB. Less than 50% usage in MP with 70+ Infantry, 15+ armor, 8+ air, 5km view distance and everything very high.

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