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More weapon jam for weapons picked up from the ground, mud, sand or water

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Just an interesting idea to simulate dirt.

If we could treat grass, sand and other ground separately, then it'll be great.

I guess weapons can have some kind of "getting_dirty" coefficient. Whatever they say AK-47 picked up from the mud will fire but will get jammed more frequently until cleaned. Some M's cannot shoot if fallen into sands. This is as an example. There must be a more reliable source for the jam probability and weapons behaviour when "dirty".

And there can be some actions to cleanup the weapon. Some long interaction process... And possible only if you have the cleaning kit.

This will make people stop throwing weapons everywhere on the ground.


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Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

I don't think we can alter the weapons (proxies on the ground), i.e adding variables to them or such.
Only possibility I could think of is increasing the jam chance if the player is constantly moving in prone mode over certain undergrounds, i.e Sand, Mud, Water etc.

Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

I see. But I guess increasing jam chance for crawling ppl is not good idea, because, well, one can crouch very carefully and holding weapon in safe position. So we'd better leave things as it is now. And push this ticket to some brighter future, when such thing can get possible.

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