Bug #2614

Startup explosion occurs at airbase/LHD.

Added by Apocal almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:07/06/2009
Priority:Urgent Due date:07/10/2009
Assignee:Dr_Eyeball % Done:


Target version:beta v0.2 Estimated time:2.00 hours


Whenever game begins or new JIP player comes to base, an explosion occurs, killing them and any others in the vicinity.


Updated by Dr_Eyeball almost 8 years ago

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Cause: unknown, probably AAS2 Base Protection mechanism

If the bug is only happening for east team, then that would be related to Base Protection which places artillery on any west players in the base (normally at the boundary). Since east players are classified as west via playerSide very early on (JIP limitation of command), then a more reliable check will need to be used like class side check.
For now the artillery effect will be removed too, just in case to avoid side effect on other players too. When arty effect is removed, it simply kills player by setting damage instead of using arty.

Solution: better JIP side checking, turn off AAS2 arty effect.

Updated by Apocal almost 8 years ago

If the bug is only happening for east team...

It's happening for the West team as well. It only happens on initial spawns though, respawns are unaffected.

Updated by Dr_Eyeball almost 8 years ago

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Couldn't actually reproduce this bug, but there was only one possible cause, so that base protection option is turned off for now which then defaults to using standard death penalties. Not sure why it would trigger though for west side, since it worked ok in Arma 1.

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