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Dragging-Feature for AI Squadmembers

Added by Humvee28 over 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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As mentioned above, i would like to ask if it would be possible to add the Ability to Drag wounded Units into Cover by AI Squadmembers, like it is done by SLX Mod or DAPMAN.

This is clearly an SP Player Request and it wouldn´t be liked by most MP Players surely, so my Suggestion would be : If this Feature could be setted up in ACE, then as an switchable Option.

And why i´m asking here for this when this Feature is always aviable? Cause there are some Problems : SLX Mod is not going together well with ACE, and DAPMAN takes no Advantage from ACE Wounds. And

even if it would going together, there is always the possibility that ACE Wounds or other ACE Content will be broken by one of them.



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Thanks for making the ticket :-)

Not sure on SP-only, I reckon coop or PvP with AI is a possibility too, besides, the enemy AI could benefit from it too I suppose?

I would be interested to take this on sometime in the future, if that is before A3, unsure,
unless someone else takes it on.

Updated by Humvee28 over 5 years ago

No Problem. :)

Dunno about the MP Fact. Only my thoughts, cause i´m playing mainly SP. But the possible benefit for enemy AI is a good Point.

While you mentioned it, i have often seen Enemy AI who is dragging the wounded Comrades out of the Line of Fire into Cover with

the mentioned Mods. So it should be an Advantage for the Enemy AI also. :)

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