Feature #25971

Allow buy weapons only at central depot / disable buy weapon at side camps

Added by Bomba1 about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:10/29/2011
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Target version:Warfare BE 2.071
Affected Version: I am using some Mods:No
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Allow buy weapons only at green central depot / disable buy weapon at side camps
disable respawn at side camp with AA/AT weapons


Updated by Qazdar almost 5 years ago

What if you die before using your AT ?

Updated by Bomba1 almost 5 years ago

A) Player can pickup unused AT at his dead body
B) Player can go to main depot at town to buy new AT
C) Player can respawn at Barracks and buy new AT
D) Player can pickup AT from his transport

Main goal make tanks more effective at town capture against infantry players which defence such towns.
In case if you try capture town with player - tank will be just transport. tank will die after player see it.
And defenders players use respawn for fast reammo.

Updated by Qazdar almost 5 years ago

Now it's more convincing, and i agree on it.

I think Benny wants to review the whole concept of "Town fights"

Maybe adding out posts close to each townwhere you can rearm and destroy,i think that ,currently ,"town fights" are more "camp fights".

This idea is great when it comes to giving tanks more importance in the game and also making fights for towns more intense.

Updated by Benny almost 5 years ago

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Parameter added.

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