Bug #25955

M203 HEDP has occasional delayed explosion (cannot reliably reproduce, corroboration needed)

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Target version:1.13
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In several of my last games, I have been using M203 launchers, mounted on USMC M16A4s and Takistani M16A2s. At certain points in these missions, the grenades seem to stop exploding properly. I have launched have a dozen grenades a BMP, and have had to wait to hear the explosion for five seconds or more. This has also happened when launching grenades at built-up areas and other units.

Whenever I try to reproduce this behavior, the grenades work flawlessly, so I am at a loss as what to do. I am posting this here in case other people have experienced this. I don't expect the ticket to be assigned until several people have commented and shared my experience. So please don't vote it down.

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Updated by maturin over 5 years ago

Up-voters please comment on frequency of problem, and perhaps performance at time of glitchy behavior.

Updated by cyrilator over 5 years ago

Same problem with vog25 grenades. it occurs very often, approximately 20% of fired grenades have delayed explosion.

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Updated by maturin over 5 years ago

I just observed this with a VOG-25. I saw the grenade hit the target. It presumably bounced off, because it exploded on the ground ten or twenty seconds later.

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The corresponding component ace_sys_grenades has been deactivated for the time being, therefore there won't be:
- Dud simulation
- Jumping VOG25-P

The component is assumed to cause the reported issues.

This ticket is hereby also obsolete.

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