Bug #25954

Misplaced and non-functional interaction-icons on several helicopters

Added by radical.ghost over 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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CPU: Affected TOH version:1.01.85675
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There is an issue with one of the smaller side-doors on the medium type helicopters, when you open it, the interaction-icon moves on top of the chopper instead of moving with the door when it opens.
So you cannot reach it and therefore you can not close the door again.

Also the maintenance panels on the heavy type helicopter from Vrana Corp won't open in the career mode, so you cannot inspect you helicopter properly.

There is also an misplaced interaction-icon on the heavy type helicopters that have a rear-gunner position.
The icon for the "get in as rear gunner" - action is placed on the right side of the anti torque rotor in the air and is not reachable.
This prevents from boarding that helicopter as rear gunner.

Maybe there are more issues with interaction-icons on other helicopters to find.

Heavy_Civil_2.jpg - Maintenance panel does not open on heavy type helicopter (247.8 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Heavy_Civil_3.jpg - The third maintenance panel that does not open on heavy type helicopter (93 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Heavy_Armed_1.jpg - Heavy armed helicopter with rear gunner position overview (156.7 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Heavy_Armed_2.jpg - Heavy armed helicopter interaction-icon misplacement illustrated (137.3 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Medium_1.jpg - Location of the door on the medium type helicopter (421.4 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Medium_2_Right_Door_Open_for_Comparison.jpg - Correct position of the interaction-icon on the small door on the right side. (192.1 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Medium_3_left_door_open_1.jpg - Left door open and no interaction-icon for closing (185.8 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Medium_4_left_door_open_2.jpg - Misplaced location of the interaction-icon for closing the left door (160.5 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06

Heavy_Civil_1.jpg - Maintenance panel won't open on heavy type helicopter (80.2 kB) radical.ghost, 10/28/2011 21:06


Updated by radical.ghost over 5 years ago

Added some screenshots for better overwiev.

Updated by radical.ghost over 5 years ago

These issues are still valid after applying patch 1.02,

Issue #2 has mostly been solved, panels do open now but the two engine panels on top of that helicopter ( as shown in picture Heavy_Civil_1 and Heavy_Civil_3 ) cannot be closed again after inspection, because the interaction-icons are too far above and cannot be reached.

Issue #1 and #3 are still present as described before.

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