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Translate on russian language

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Several updates before (i no remember when), loss translate on several functions.

Take mine*
Arm mine*
Disarm mine*

*any mine

btw, "Нет загрождения" is wrong. Russian language not have word "загрождения".
Right - "Нет заграждения".
This error i see, when use wire-cutter on empty place.

stringtable.7z - strings for sys_explosives (4.9 kB) rocko, 10/28/2011 10:29


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Feel free to translate.

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  <English>Cut tripwire</English> 
  <German>Stolperdraht zerschneiden</German> 
  <Spanish>Cut tripwire</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Cut tripwire</Czech> 
  <Russian>Срезать растяжку</Russian> 
  <Italian>Cut tripwire</Italian> 
  <Polish>Cut tripwire</Polish> 
  <French>Cut tripwire</French> 
  <Hungarian>Cut tripwire</Hungarian> 

  <English>Disarm %1</English> 
  <German>%1 entschärfen</German> 
  <Spanish>Disarm %1</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Disarm %1</Czech> 
  <Russian>Обезвредить %1</Russian> 
  <Italian>Disarm %1</Italian> 
  <Polish>Disarm %1</Polish> 
  <French>Disarm %1</French> 
  <Hungarian>Disarm %1</Hungarian> 

  <English>Attach %1 (%2)</English> 
  <German>%1 anbringen (%2)</German> 
  <Spanish>Attach %1 (%2)</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Attach %1 (%2)</Czech> 
  <Russian>Прикрепить %1 (%2)</Russian> 
  <Italian>Attach %1 (%2)</Italian> 
  <Polish>Przyczep %1 (%2)</Polish> 
  <Hungarian>Attach %1 (%2)</Hungarian> 
  <French>Attach %1 (%2)</French> 

  <English>Attach clacker</English> 
  <German>Fernzünder anbringen</German> 
  <Spanish>Attach clacker</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Attach clacker</Czech> 
  <Russian>Подключить дист. взрыватель</Russian> 
  <Italian>Attach clacker</Italian> 
  <Polish>Attach clacker</Polish> 
  <French>Attach clacker</French> 
  <Hungarian>Attach clacker</Hungarian> 

  <English>Take %1</English> 
  <German>%1 nehmen</German> 
  <Spanish>Take %1</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Take %1</Czech> 
  <Russian>Взять %1</Russian> 
  <Italian>Take %1</Italian> 
  <Polish>Take %1</Polish> 
  <French>Take %1</French> 
  <Hungarian>Take %1</Hungarian> 

  <English>Arm %1</English> 
  <German>%1 scharf machen</German> 
  <Spanish>Arm %1</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Arm %1</Czech> 
  <Russian>Боевой взвод %1</Russian> 
  <Italian>Arm %1</Italian> 
  <Polish>Arm %1</Polish> 
  <French>Armer %1</French> 
  <Hungarian>Arm %1</Hungarian> 

  <English>Detonate %1 (#%2)</English> 
  <German>%1 zünden (#%2)</German> 
  <Spanish>Detonate %1 (#%2)</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Detonate %1 (#%2)</Czech> 
  <Russian>Подрыв %1 (#%2)</Russian> 
  <Italian>Detonate %1 (#%2)</Italian> 
  <Polish>Detonate %1 (#%2)</Polish> 
  <French>Detonate %1 (#%2)</French> 
  <Hungarian>Detonate %1 (#%2)</Hungarian> 

  <English>Safety off (%1 #%2)</English> 
  <German>%1 entsichern (#%2)</German> 
  <Spanish>Safety off (%1 #%2)</Spanish> 
  <Czech>Safety off (%1 #%2)</Czech> 
  <Russian>Снять с предохранителя (%1 #%2)</Russian> 
  <Italian>Safety off (%1 #%2)</Italian> 
  <Polish>Safety off (%1 #%2)</Polish> 
  <French>Armer %1 (#%1)</French> 
  <Hungarian>Safety off (%1 #%2)</Hungarian> 

  <English>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</English> 
  <German>Zünder %1 (#%2) entschärft</German> 
  <Spanish>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</Spanish> 
  <Czech>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</Czech> 
  <Russian>%1 дист. взрыватель #%2 на предохранителе</Russian> 
  <Italian>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</Italian> 
  <Polish>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</Polish> 
  <French>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</French> 
  <Hungarian>%1 clacker #%2 set safe</Hungarian> 

I'm afraid to edit self...

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Sorry, i did not meet with this actions in game...



For this reason i can't correctly translate it.

U can give me other untranslated texts/actions, if need.
Or u want, that i manualy edit stringtable.xml?

Just i see this string

<!-- Dont change this or we have to edit all scripts --> 

And afraid...

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Available in the just released ACE for OA v1.13 RC3.

Also available in: Atom PDF