Bug #25816

Unit Limit Hit - Nowhere Near Actual Limit

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Status:Closed Start date:10/23/2011
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Target version:Warfare BE 2.071
Affected Version:2.070 I am using some Mods:No
Affected ArmA II version:1.10.80665 Reproducible for you:Yes


I was trying to play earlier, the mission was set up to allow 100 AI for the player (never intending to use that many, just to remove the limitation essentially), 12 for AI, but after getting 2 men from the Barracks (pilots, in case it's relevant). I was told "Unit Limit Reached (3 Units).

I have no idea where it's getting the limit of 3 from but obviously it made the game unplayable.


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Retry on 071.

Updated by captainloveprod over 5 years ago

Sorry if I'm intruding. But I'm also having this issue. I set up a LAN match on my home network. And player against my neice. The machine that is running the game as host has been set to 20 in player group. But her pc has a group of only 5.

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