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Purchase full units

Added by goldblaze about 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I was kinda wondering if it'd be a good or bad idea if one could buy a entire infantry squad instead of just biying them one at a time, might make things easier, and it's somewhat hard to tell at times if I grab the roth soldiers for a particular thing, like AT, AA, or just general town taking.


Updated by miheikki about 5 years ago

Truck or IFV loaded with soldiers

Updated by Benny almost 5 years ago

Squads template?

Updated by goldblaze almost 5 years ago

I think so, but in essence when you go into the squad buying, in addition to individual soldiers, you'd see squads, AT squad, AA, mechanized/motorized squads, and of curse force recon squad/team, lol.

Updated by Fusion about 4 years ago

That is what the squad template is for, create your own mix of troops and save the template so that you can but exactly the same again with one click

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