Bug #25780

One Player Dies, All Players See Death

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Status:Closed Start date:10/23/2011
Priority:Urgent Due date:
Assignee:Psychobastard % Done:


Target version:Version 2.05
Affected Version: I am using some Mods:
Affected ArmA II version:Please select... Language:Please set for missions
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Affected Mission Version: 2.05 Beta
When any one player dies all players watch in a sort of cutscene. This is obviously a huge interruption in any situation, but especially when in a firefight or flying an aircraft. I recommend immediate investigation as this is a huge problem whenever anybody dies. If you need any other information please let me know.

To reproduce just play with another player and get him killed.


Updated by Xeno over 5 years ago

Jup, Psycho uses the MPKilled EH. Not good as it will execute the killcam code on every client if a player dies :P

2.05 game breaker.

Updated by Psychobastard over 5 years ago

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sorry for this stupid bug - fixed!

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