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AI infantry units not moving into nearby cover when threatened

Added by fabrizioT over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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AI infantry units not moving into nearby cover when threatened or fired upon.
Verified in both version 1.59 and 1.60 beta 85478.


As OPFOR, move forward with your vehicle, see the BLUFOR group in front of you not even attempting to take cover behind nearby buildings.
They almost stand where they are, even if you open fire on them. They will eventually flee if you try to overrun them (!).


AI units should always run for cover as fast as possible when threatened / under fire.
Especially true when they're not able to damage enemy.
If they're out of ammo the should move into cover, flee if there's no cover around.

BUG_AI_not_moving_into_cover.utes.zip (1 kB) fabrizioT, 10/16/2011 12:34

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Updated by kju over 5 years ago

Agreed that is is a gameplay problem.

But it is not a bug, but a feature request.
It is something the AI and the engine is simply not capable of so far.

Updated by fabrizioT over 5 years ago

In a milsim, when an AI unit stands still to the point of being overrun or completely ignores a threat then i would call it a bug.
Also, as far as i can see engine is already capable to instruct units to move into cover.

Updated by Suma over 5 years ago

I cannot reproduce so far. Can anyone else confirm?

What I see is this: As soon as I assign my gunner to target any of the BLUFOR soldiers, whole groups starts fleeing away. The same happens when I drive very close to them, just before I start overrunning them then stand up and start running away.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

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Updated by kju over 5 years ago

I have the same behavior as Suma.

If you RMB target them as commander/gunner, they start to run away.
Or when you get close trying to overrun them, they start to run away.

I assume what fabrizioT expects is:
  1. They run away even without being targeted. Simply enemy tank close should lead to taking cover.
  2. They run to the closest cover (northern buildings) and adjust their position continuously to remain in cover vs this threat/the most dangerous threat.

Instead they flee?/run to the southern part and to the fences - but do not lie down there or move away again to another position when chased.

Updated by fabrizioT over 5 years ago

Kju's explanation matches my point.
I did not RMB, just switched to gunner and mowed enemies one by one without any reaction.
Will re-test this to confirm this, just for the record.

Updated by fabrizioT over 5 years ago

Some people are reporting improvements in build 85510, i would like to know whether this has been addressed ( not on my pc atm). I see nothing in changelog.

Updated by fabrizioT over 5 years ago

Some feedback.

Just re-tested issue with beta build 85478.

  • If i switch to gunner seat and open fire on enemies they don't move into cover. Mostly they stay where they are or they move a few steps away.
  • If i RMB they do DO move to cover as expected.

So the latter behaviour is fine, while the former is buggy.

If i move towards enemies (does not matter if as driver or ordering to move as commander) they stand still till point blank range, then they move away when it's already too late.

See kju point above about the expected behaviour, i cannot write it better than that.
Now i'll check out behaviour with latest beta build (but i see no tweaks in changelog)

Updated by zGuba over 5 years ago

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Any insight on latest betas in this matter please:

Updated by Kenquinn over 5 years ago

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Tested with beta 1.60.89223.

Using either the BMPs PKM, or 30mm cannon with AP rounds the AI will not run until 5 of them are dead.
Once five of the AI are dead the remaining AI will either run left, or right towards cover.

Holding down the RMB causes the AI to immediately flee for cover.
Driving the BMP towards the AI causes them to run away once the BMP gets close.


I can reproduce the issue and no changes in the AI's behavior has been made since it was last tested.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

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Ok, the last two posters bring some important additional information.

FabrizioT or Kenquinn, could you please update the main ticket according to your EXACT repro steps and EXACT expected behavior.

I would do this for you, but I'm not sure what you mean with RMB; does this mean you need to actually reveal them, before they take cover? If so, please mention this in updated repro steps.

Updated by ceeeb over 5 years ago

There does seem to be a link between the vehicle detecting AI, and that AI group fleeing (which could be interpreted as seeking cover). However, they do not flee when fired upon without being identified. This issue would likely only affect AI groups fleeing from players since AI do not fire upon unknown targets.

Expected: AI should flee when they believe they have been discovered by an enemy they are incapable of harming. Clues that they have been discovered should include being fired upon by that enemy. (really, I do not think being known about should not really be immediately apparent to the AI either, but it's functional I guess).

Observed: AI flee when the enemy they are incapable of harming knows about them (presumably enough to have been identify as enemy). AI does not flee when fired upon without being revealed.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Load the BUG_AI_not_moving_into_cover.utes.zip demo mission provided. Preview the mission.
2. Note the player is the commander of the BMP2 (group leader). Hold down the right mouse button and centre your sights on an AI unit. This reveals that AI unit. Notice the AI group stand up and flee as soon as they are discovered.
2. Restart the demo mission.
3. Move to the main gunner position of the BMP2.
4. Without zooming in, fire upon on the leftmost or rightmost AI unit (firing on these units prevents remaining AI from standing to reform their formation). Notice the remaining AI do not flee so long as they remain unrevealed.
5. Zoom in on the AI and reveal them. Notice as soon as they are revealed they will flee.

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