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Blood loss simulation for AI

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The current damage system for the AI is quite onedimensional, either the AI gets a critical hit and renders unconscious or dies, or it will remain combat effective.

However in the majority of cases it is the drop of bloodpresure in relation to the adrenalin that causes the consequences. In gameplay perspective, you might land a critical hit, but it takes a few seconds until the target renders sunconscious.

As the entire Medic system would be too much for the AI to add, it would be quite nice to have a "small" medic system for the AI, that simply calculates a timer, along with a damage over time factor.

The result. You hit the AI, and with a certain chance the damage increases over time in relation to the injury and the AI will die, or render unconscious shortly after the hit.

This effect will greatly improve the damage system for the AI infantry and makes the entire gameplay much more realistic:

For example: you hit a target, it goes prone and crawls away, you search for the AI and you will find him dead about 50m away from where you hit him.


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AI does use exactly the same system as players do.

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