Bug #25440

stuttering while showing "instrument-icons"

Added by themaster over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Category:Performance breakdown
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follow the link there is the video shown:



i found a strange thing. if i play the challenge slinghook, all is smooth also with icons.
BUT, if i am doing freeflight there is the stutter, and if i am placing am heli in the editor there is also a stutter.
i really have now no more clue.
and yes i am writing this also in the CIT. was just testing again, deleting cgf and so on.


play the slinghook mission (smooth) ... play the freeflight (stutter) ... play the editoe by placing any chopper (stutter)

take-stutter.rar (2.5 MB) themaster, 10/13/2011 15:50


Updated by themaster over 5 years ago

tested a other challenge, also there it is smooth

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still an issue with the latest patch?

Updated by themaster about 5 years ago

no, its gone. thx !

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