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Suggestion for ACRE Radios in NOMAD

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Target version:MSO v4.1
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I recognized, that the ACRE-Radios getting saved into the RespwanWeaponary "as they are".
I gathered some experiances with ACRE in the times when i ACEified/ACREified WarfareBE
and would suggest to break them down to the BaseModel before storing it into the Array
to avoid duplicate RADIO_IDs. ( _radio = ["SOME_ACRE_RADIO_XX"] call acre_api_fnc_getBaseRadio; )

If for example, me is disconnecting with PRC_119_ID_2, the Radio gets deletet by ACRE,
and the ID is free. After me someone takes a 119, he gets the next free ID, wich is ID_2,
If i reconnect now, we got 2 PRC_119_ID_2 Radios wich will conflict.

Maybe Nou can confirm that, since i didn't investigate how the current release handles that.
It was just a thing i saw when i investigatet NOMAD and had the feeling it should be said :).
Be aware i dont know if this on is solved, but the "acre_api_fnc_getBaseRadio" API Command,
returned a wrong Radio when used on PRC148 (cant link the Ticket since the ACRE Team changed
to their own Tracker

main.sqf - rmm_nomad main.sqf with ACRE fix (5.9 kB) Tupolov, 01/11/2012 17:22


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Will ask Nou.

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Have added the following in NOMAD to account for ACRE radios. This is executed when the user reconnects. Essentially it removes all weapons and items, it then adds each weapon/item recorded on disconnect to the player. For each item it checks to see if ACRE is being used and if so, if the weapon/item is a derivative of an ACRE Base Radio. If so it just adds the base radio and not the radio with the ID.

{player removeweapon _x;} foreach ((weapons player) + (items player)); {
if (isClass(configFile>>"CfgPatches">>"acre_main")) then {
// Catch any acre radios and store as base radio (do not store radio with ID) http://tracker.idi-systems.com/issues/2
private ["_ret"];
_ret = [_x] call acre_api_fnc_getBaseRadio;
if (typeName _ret == "STRING") then {
player addweapon _ret;
} else {
player addweapon _x;
} else {
player addweapon _x;
} foreach _this;

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Can you test the attached code?



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