Bug #25331

right roll, during low/mid speed flight

Added by md500enthusiast almost 6 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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in a real helicopter the helicopter doesn't roll right like it does in the game during level flight. let's say you're in level flight and you're coming in for landing and as you slow down to a certain speed the helicopter will "DRIFT" right instead of rolling if you don't put in some left cyclic to counter translating tendency. there is no increased aerodynamic forces that you can feel on the stick that pushes it to the right nor do you visually see the helicopter rolling right at all. also during take offs it doesn't roll right either, how dynamic rollover occurs is that the helicopter starts drifting right if you don't count the drift. because the skids are on the ground the right skid creates a pivot point for the helicopter to roll over. also make sure when you implement the drift instead of the roll that if someone was getting into a dynamic roll over situation that the correct way of recovering is NOT to increase collective which actually accellerates the rolling but to actually immediately push the collective full down. there is a point of no return for each helicopter i believe where if you've crossed a certain degree of bank on the ground to the right no matter what you do you can't save it.

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