Bug #25199

MP - Base respawn does not work for client.

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Using PreOrder-Beta

Below is with [Person A] hosting a LAN server.

[Person A]
1) When dies, he respawns at the respawn marker in the mission (base respawn).

[Person B]
1) When dies, he respawns where he died (instant respawn)

MP_Test_1.United_States_H.rar (1.5 kB) Rg, 10/06/2011 06:29


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If needed, this bug is still present with this mission using the experimental patch.

However, the community mission (CO10 Suburban Hell) [[http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125671]] was tested which uses BASE respawn and this works fine.

The difference here being that a trigger in-game CREATES the "respawn_guerrila" marker. Whereas in my mission, the marker is placed in the mission with the editor.

Maybe its related to the clients not receiving certain/all markers from the server (before or at mission start)?

Updated by durg78 over 5 years ago

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It was also noticed that when starting the mission (CO10 Suburban Hell) at the briefing screen, the player acting as server could see the mission markers however the client player(s) could not until the mission was actually started. This may be related to the base respawn issue as I suspect markers are not being synched with clients unless the markers are created/modifed programatically after mission start.

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still an issue?

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