Bug #25190

ToH Beta: Can't enter light heli after being in SUV

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In Challenge 06: Best Laid Plans, I restarted from an autosave that occurred just after I refueled with the girl (Townsend). She is waiting in the passenger seat. I thought I would get into the nearby SUV and drive around a little. When I came back and exited the SUV, I couldn't enter the light heli. No icon for "get in as pilot" (or to any other seat) came up. Had to reload the autosave. The autosave is attached.

autosave.TakeOnHSave (3.4 MB) OMAC, 10/06/2011 04:50

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Updated by OMAC over 5 years ago

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Desired behavior:

Get into heli normally after exiting SUV.

Updated by OMAC over 5 years ago

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Similar bug in other mission:

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Updated by OMAC over 5 years ago

Note that at start of SWAT support challenge mission, it is possible to board and drive SUV parked at heliport before entering light heli normally to start mission, so this issue is not universal and may have something to do with autosaves.

Updated by DnA over 5 years ago

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Ambient vehicles were locked to prevent this (you don't have the keys and hot-wiring is illegal ;-)).

Updated by OMAC over 5 years ago

Ah ha! So now the ambient vehicles are locked and un-enterable? If so, excellent touch. But does that explain why I couldn't get into the heli? Had the game prevented me from entering the heli after I had hijacked the SUV and broken the law? Should the SUV parked at the heliport be enterable, since it presumably is owned by Larson and his company? Anyway, thanks for fixing.

Updated by Master85 over 5 years ago

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