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Examples / Permission for folding GL leaf site and Spectre DR optic

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I am working on a new weapons pack and would like to include some of the new ace features, specifically the folding leaf sight and the Spectre DR with the three optic modes. I am not sure how to go about using the leaf site and was wondering if an example could be provided so that I can set it up to work properly with ace, as this is one of my favorite features now.

For the Spectre DR, I am not sure if the three optic modes are by default or if that was something added in ACE as well, so additional information would be useful.



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- Folding GL sights: Create a second model with the leaf sights folded up, then add to your weapon config

ace_gl_classes[] = {"MyGunWithGL","MyGunWithGL_UP"};

- Spectre DR: BIS

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Thanks guys!

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