Bug #25080

MP Editor loads another island when hitting preview

Added by Lonestar over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:Assigned Start date:10/02/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Dwarden % Done:


Category:2D Editor
Target version:1.63 BETA
Affected ArmA II version:1.59.79384 First affected build:Please Specify...
Reproduced by another DH user:Yes First affected ArmA II version:Please select...
I am using some Mods:No Single / Multi Player?:
I am using: BIForumURL:
Reproducible for you:Yes NGUrl:
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Repro steps:

  1. Edit a mission on a custom island (e.g. Duala)
  2. Load another mission on Utes
  3. Click Preview
  4. Duala appears and is absolutely empty

Before I go crazy, please someone tell me he already saw it.

It is 100% reproducible on my system, not random.

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #13830: MP Editor loads "wrong" mission in preview Assigned 09/19/2010 12/01/2011


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I can confirm. Very old bug I think, either already OFP, or A1.

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

  • Affected ArmA II version changed from Please select... to 1.59.79384

I think there is already ticket about it.

Preview has a couple more issues, if you go back from a preview and run it again.

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

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Updated by Lonestar over 5 years ago

I checked before submitting the ticket and found this: #13830

It's not exactly the same issue.

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  • Target version changed from Upcoming version to 1.61 BETA

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  • Target version changed from 1.61 BETA to 1.63 BETA

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