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HC + spawn on HC

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Is it possible to get a feature/version where you have the usual FTs but also add a High Command + Medic group?
It would also be nice with the possibility to spawn on HC/Medic when all your teammates are critically wounded.

The High Command module should be activated and he should be the highest ranking toon. He doesn´t need some superpowers like arty etc

This feature could give a more team orientated game play. And also it adds features for clan based playing.

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Please more details and proposes!

Updated by PITN over 5 years ago

I think he means having a player Commander position that ranks above all players and tells them what to do.

It would be interesting and I have thought about it. But this is more suited to clan or tournament play vs. public games.

If a commander position was created it would be nice to be able to give orders and use a UAV, etc. Have CAS request go through the CMDR instead of the Fireteam leader. Also add the ability for airdrops of supplies, etc.

But I wouldn't allow him to be a spawn point. If that is all you want then a special backpack linked to the squads spawn would be a better choice. But I am against any spawn system like that as the current one encouarges more teamwork.

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Affirmatime, but if HC been added, need set a pauses anhd delays between airdrops, arty, UAV.
I our ACE test ver we try do this (add commander + UAV, drops), it's good only for clanplay not a mass...
- Spawn on HC, only can TeamLeader, but i think, this not a have sence, unpracticaly, broke teamplay

Need more votes!

Updated by ibux over 5 years ago

Hey guys, good replies

PITNs description of the HC/CMD role is kinda what I am looking for. The UAC/CAS being CMDs domain is probably the best.
I see the cons with respawn on CMDs group and have reconsidered and found this to be not optimal to encourage teamplay.

The HC module/CMD version is probably best for clan playing, but is there anything that can be added to the role that makes it interesting for the public server ...?

Kol9yN stated that this needs more votes - so Im giving it my vote :-)

Updated by SemperFi over 5 years ago

god suggestions guys. I belive that by adding HC it could improve both public plays as vel as clan plays. i have always hated the lack off teamplay on some public servers but here you can get orders from a CMD that can plan a attac, set lz and order in transport heli and also metup points an other stuff that can make it a greate game.

it should also be optinal if CMD should be able to set in CAS and other stuff because im more into getting players to do this than having some bombs dropping inn by making a click.

on the spawn issue im not sure what wold be the best solution.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

I think HC is not made to interact with players in MP - but I could be wrong.

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Fireball, you can see HC in T-Force :)!

Updated by nkenny over 5 years ago

I think this is a great idea. The implementation doesn't have to be very complicated either.

Create a two man 'HQ' element consisting of the commander and a medic
Make sure that the Commander is the highest ranking blue-for on the server. (this interacts with VOIP command/commander channels)
Link the commander to the High Command module.
Allow players from ANY units to spawn at the commanders position.

This creates a subtle but effective dynamic. Not only is the commander the natural focal point of any assault, but his (low key) ability to assign waypoints to groups can function as a very effective soft-organisational tool. From the commanders perspective he acts as a natural mobile spawn point-- which means he must push forward and take part in the battle, yet cannot foolishly risk his own life.

Though it may be possible to attribute more (magic) abilities to the commander, I wouldn't really reccomend it. The soft power the commander projects is enough to keep the game flowing. I can see this as a great way to get otherwise TPK fireteams back in the game and a fun role to play.

As PITN notes this may very well be a feature more suitable for clan level play, but as a compromise: How about implementing this in a test version? Or perhaps the _BAF variants of insurgency?


Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Additional feature!
Commander can deploy ONE advanced minibase with one-two vehicles and ammobox(little weapons list).
It's good if 2-3 teams work in different places on map.

And again, list of features for Commander:

- Can choise type of vehicles on respawn point in MHQ (Varian 1 - call dialog window, get current array (limited 6 cases), echo array, rewrite in array selected vehicle, if vehicle of previous array been destroyed, spawn vehicle of new array. Variant 2 - call dialog window, get current preset, choise one of pressets, apply, vehicles deleting, spawn new preset, but vehicles must been empty, or destroyed, and stay in base zone.

- Can call arti-stike (lite, with long timeout)
- Groupliders can respawn on Commander
- Can call supply drop with long timeout (ammoboxes with little amout of ammunition)
- Can deploy minibase (_maby with physical barricades arrond camp, 1-2 vehicles, medic hospial(resp point), ammobox, and flag), OPFOR can destroy camp only with Satchel or IED charges (supress BLUFOR activity in area ;) )
- Only Commander can move(redeploy, drive) MHQ, maby add variable to switch in mission settings
- Commander can respawn on any Blufor soldier

- ??? (add your short proposes in this list)

Updated by ibux over 5 years ago

My intention was to add the CMD role and High Command module.
I see that this now has escalated to a lot more.'

I think the Insurgency by Fireball and the additions Pitn has made are sufficient.

So; (repeating myself)

  • Add a group consisting of CMD, an a platoon medic.

Make this an option in preferences

  • Implement the High Command module

Make this an option in preferences

  • Only CMD can move MHQ

Updated by nkenny over 5 years ago

I absolutely agree with Ibux. Soft control is more appropriate to public games; and adding even more magic abilities to the Command slot just makes it gimmicky. The primary 'weapon' of a CMD should be his ability to communicate with his subordinates-- not 'right click artillery strike'.


Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Its good for clan play, i think in future we try realise this in test mission...

Updated by ibux over 5 years ago

Kol9yN wrote:

Its good for clan play, i think in future we try realise this in test mission...

I agree its good for clan play, but I also think this can make public play better as well.
When is the "future" and who are "we"?

If someone is willing to make time for this, I would be grateful - and will ofc get the manpower to test this large scale.

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

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ibux, ok Im understand you, you wish some new ;) but, look...
CMD is player to and have more abilityes, and what you do if in this slot playing gay, without headphones, curve hands, and stupid head, on your pulic server :)?! And continue use this slot, but not played (always busy admin, childens cry, AFK, badhurt) or trolling all players and hi cant kick him :D! Or in this slot player game 1hour and after go away, what players must do?! p.s. answer me on all troubles...

Please propose logically correct and undeniable facts about this feature!

Updated by SemperFi over 5 years ago

How about making it possible to "vote" in CMD and make it a launch option so a clan can remove "vote CMD" option and on a public server have the vote option on.

This way it's possible to vote in a player on the server that have his head in the game and if he suddenly goes AFK, a new CMD can be voted in.
That should take care of this problem Kol9yN.
And this is not realy a problem for anyone who knows all options of koding arma anyway.

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

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SemperFi, yea is not a probles of coding, its problem in peoples :)
Dont worry, i have some ideas about how realise this feature!

Gentelmens, please, more proposes and ideas about HC! We need more votes, ideas, creative proposes!
I have self ideas and features for this, but wish see and know means of community funs & feedback!
Some any new proposes?!

Updated by ibux over 5 years ago

Bumping this shamelessly

My ticket was adding
  • HighCommand module
  • One team consisting of CMD and Platoon medic
  • The possibility to spawn on CMD/Platoon medic

This ticket got enough votes and need no more proposes. Either close the ticket or assign this to someone else

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

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ibux, dont worry, i never skip ANY issues and fetureas about Ins, but need more time! I have some deals in r-Life!
HC very eazy to realise in code, its not a problem!
First please vote about some new features!
Because HC must been binded with some tickets

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

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