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pilot point of view too high

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It is possible to move the point of view in all direction, but it is actually impossible to lower it, and the default one is not the way you see the instrument in a chopper. (view pos way too high here)
Looking left by the door it is even hard to see properly outside, eyes same height of the top of the door, a few pictures of pilots in h500 will easily show you what i mean.

-The head of the pilot should be one head lower I think
unless we can move the view lower (keyboard view adjusting is ok for all other direction but this one)

hu500c.jpg - hu500 head pos (29.7 kB) TheOcramweb, 10/03/2011 02:30


Updated by CarlGustaffa almost 6 years ago

Although I never thought about it, he's probably right. Too high viewpoint has been an issue before :) Try MTVR or HMMWV CROWE variants and see how looking out side window appears.

Although, this is also a user preference. MSFS has this solved by allowing craft config to determine not only default position, but also default pitch/bank/yaw (and zoom) for each of the eighth cardinal view directions, if they were to differ from the defaults. I used this feature heavily in panel design for MSFS.

Updated by LeftSkidLow almost 6 years ago

I strongly disagree with this one. The panel on 500's are small and short. Even short pilots can see the entire top cover of the instrument panel, although, a short pilot would have less obstruction from the door frame. When the doors are on in a real 500(which is all we have ingame), the door frame and especially the trim, create a big blind spot unless you are looking 90 degrees over your shoulder. The door trimming adds another couple of inches in visibility obstruction and if you're tall, you may have to hunch over to see to straight out to your left. I won't argue that it's more limiting in-game because it isn't possible to simulate human field of view with 1 flat panel LCD. Some of the confusion here may be due to the fact that 500's come with plastic molding to try to make the interior look better, much like the inside of your car. Sometimes utility operators rip all that crap out for weight, increased doors-off visibility, and it makes it easier to access the pins that hold the door on.

Look at any 500 pilot's helmet that does external loads and tell me where all the scratches came from. You have to duck and tilt your head to get it out the door because the frame opening is below the average pilots head. There is a reason why everyone says you don't get in a 500, you strap it on.

Here are some examples to help show how that frame and especially the door trim limit your view. The first video is doors on, the 2nd is doors off... try to imagine the difference in visibility if you your eyes were right next to that frame:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaSxqxTmV1Q @ 27 seconds

Updated by TheOcramweb almost 6 years ago

As I stated in the forum it is probably a FOV annoyance, I just like to be able to read precisely my instruments without having to use the zoom button every times I want to monitor a reading. ( but if you move the point of view forward enough for that, then looking left will pop your head outside of heli door)
Now regarding the door, effectively the md500 is a bad example for this as you are effectively just under door frame, the cam in your video does not show the right angle ( cam is very low) so head seems higher, regarding this I was talking about 90 degrees above shoulder not bellow chopper, and I think half a head lower will permit you too have a better instruments reading. ( don't ask me why )
But once again Imo ... The thing is we can move the point of view all directions, but down, that's my point. So then people can set there view as they feel as in other flight Sim ( so you and me can both be happy ;p )
The title of this issue could also have been: Point of view setting missing downward.

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