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Old good diplomacy

Added by Grinya over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I think will be good to have ability to bribe resistance for assault on enemy towns or strong points after all resistance towns captured. After pay with diplomacy menu and huge amount of cash big group of insurgents will attack defined point from out of boundary.


Updated by Grinya over 5 years ago

Or bar of resistance loyalty to sides. 50/50 against all on start and with repeated pays sides can turn resistance to own side when balance will be 100/0. From that moment all res towns change color to loyal side, res friendly it side and start to fight agains one enemy together - retaking towns for side and etc. But resistance could be re bribed again to oyher side. True financial war.

Updated by Bomba1 over 5 years ago

I have already offered a similar feature four months ago,

But Benny, is not interesting to extend the gameplay, it's better to do rework UI

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