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Port Planned Assault to A2.

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Status:Closed Start date:07/01/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:01/09/2010
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Target version:Planner 0.99
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> At the same time I suggest you to announce to port it over to A2 soon.
> While you don't have to, just the news will get more attention as its
> not seen as an A1 only project.

As soon as I'm able to parse Arma2 maps and convert them to a terrain database for the planner, I'll be able to support Arma2. The planner needs to understand the terrain, where vehicles can and cannot move, where cover is, etc. in order to generate a mission. The map graphics are generated from the terrain database.

The reason the planner today supports Eden and Abel is that (until recently) only the wrp file formats for OFP were properly documented. I wrote a parser for the OPRW2 & 3 file formats based on http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Wrp_File_Format_-_OPRW
and a pattern matcher to guess for Czech object names what kind of entity it represents (tree, house, shrub, ...).
Apparently Arma1 v18 and v20 (Sara) are now documented as well. Let's hope the formats for Arma2 will be documented soon.

> Agreed. Mikero, Sy and T_D, part of the DevHeaven community, are working
> to decode the formats as we speak. :)
> Also Spooner made an app called Roller. It creates a SAT mask based on
> the terrain data (roads, woods, houses etc). Might be an idea to share
> thoughts/knowledge here.

Will try Roller first. Already looked into the code, but the magic isn't done in Ruby (Spooner and I both write in Ruby) but apparently in an Java lib. Roller might provide all the output I need.


Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

I hope you plan to port PA very soon.

A2 despite some ppl having stability and performance issues, is looking to becoming
a very popular and fun game. Porting is very simple, modding and scale has been enhanced
every more in various areas. Micro AI does add interesting aspects as well.

Also mikero, T_D and Sy have decoded the new WRP format, among others already.
Also A1 WRP work in A2 with little modification very well.

You can get the conversion tools here: DePBO.

ConvertWRP, DeWRP, extractPbo, makePBO should be the tools of interest for you
formoest. Also note that mikero shares the dll source freely, and welcomes any
contribution a lot!


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To give you some more insights for new A2 features of possible interest.

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Got parsing working after studying Mikero's DePBO source.

Updated by kju over 7 years ago

gday William!

very happy to see you still working on this. :)

Mikero has just recently 'completed' decoding the PEW format.
This has opened the door WRP->PEW and soon PEW->WRP conversion.

In any case, do you have the Skype acc of Mikero yet?
I am sure he would be very willing to help you out, in case of
problems, question or need for some tools.

Also Killswitch is trying to make the dll and the tools available
for Linux systems.

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Note: module support (key modules including artillery) planned in next release.

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gday William!

great to see the a2 version out. People were impressed and happy to hear in the dev heaven skype channel.
What are your plans to promote Planned Assault? What are the main priorities for now?
Get testing feedback? Find developers?

I create two missions, yet it seems something is amiss:

The planning process is already 1+ hours old now.

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