Bug #24547

BM-21 Grad gunner's reticle is stuck.

Added by cyrilator about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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when you try to use the gunner's reticle it cannot moves, impossible to use it unless to use the 3rd view.

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duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #8084: Stuck Optics View in BM-21 Grad Gunner Position Assigned 01/13/2010 12/01/2010


Updated by cyrilator about 5 years ago

according to wikipedia the sighting system is composed of a PG-1M panoramic telescope with K-1 collimator.


if people have more infos about it, please share.

Updated by silvercanary about 5 years ago

This looks to be the K1-collimater @ 0:30


Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

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I think the BM-21 was never designed to be used by non-AI within A2. I think there are already feature requests demanding a first person view for the gunner.

Updated by Danil-ch about 5 years ago

Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

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