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We saw earlier in "ACE" RPO-M, with warhead "Thermobaric".
It would be nice to have two versions of this one in order to have the RPO-D and RPO-Z.

The specificity of the RPO-D is that it has a warhead smoke. In order to be able to make important smokescreen.
The specificity of the RPO-Z is that it has an incendiary warhead.

As the RPG27 RShG1 and RMG: one 3D, three configs, three launchers, to increase a little more fun Russian players.

RPO-Z: 2.1 kg incendiary
RPO-D: 2.3 kg smoke

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zGuba, any luck :)?

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RPO-D added, not going to add the Z version.

Is the "D" in russian a D or a special letter ?

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