Bug #24411

Death animation is not played immediatly all the time AI gets killed

Added by DrakeDarkstarr almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:Please Specify...
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Observed: sometimes after dealing a deadly damage on AI it is still stuck in its current animation. The delay until the proper animation is played can be between 1 and up to 10 seconds.
Expected: the current animation should be cancelled every time and replaced by the death animation immediatly once the unit has been registered as being dead.

delayed_death.Zargabad.7z (1.6 kB) DrakeDarkstarr, 09/11/2011 10:34

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  • Due date set to 10/01/2011
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  • Operating system deleted (Win7 64 bit)
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  • Mainboard chipset deleted (P55)
  • System RAM size deleted (8192)
  • GPU VRAM size deleted (1024)
  • Audio card deleted (X-Fi eXtreme Music)
  • Size of OS swap file deleted (0)

Repro steps and demo mission?

PS: Only add your hardware if its meaningful for the report.

Updated by DrakeDarkstarr almost 6 years ago

Repo mission has been attached.
Please note the this happens quite randomly.

Videos based on the attached mission:

Sorry, it took some time till it got uploaded...

Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

Good job.

It might be due to AI being in careless state or at least I can remember
that we have a ticket that a standing AI might do an anim where its "relaxing its shoulders".
Now that anim takes a couple of seconds to complete.
When you kill the AI during that animation, the death anim is delay until that one is done.

This looks like it or a similar source.

Updated by Xeno almost 6 years ago

Duplicate, like this one:


Updated by Fireball almost 6 years ago

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Yeah, Xeno is right, unfortunately. Also this means this will probably have to wait until A3.

At least by now we have
- good repros
- some animation names, but seeing this here, the list could be exhaustive

Also available in: Atom PDF