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Questions on CfgAISkill and setSkill array

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Unfortunately the BIKi articles are missing important information.

It'd be great, if you could give us insights on these questions:

1) Description for the different AI skills (in CfgAISkill).
2) The meaning of the four parameter of an CfgAISkill value.
3) Confirm their value range (0-1 or different).
4) How does the unit skill/setSkill/super AI related to CfgAISkill and
setSkill array.
5) Are these different skills affected/changed while playing (for
example by suppression/fleeing/morale/unit presence).
6) Does SuperAI set all individual skills to the maximum.


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Updated by kju over 5 years ago

In more detail:

1) Could you please explain what the different AI skills effects are about
and what their low level effect is or at least a basic summary how it effects AI.

Mainly these four are hardly understood: general, courage, endurance and commanding.

But to get more in depth understanding of the others would be most useful too.


2) Can you please confirm the understand of the four parameters of a CfgAISkill value. The BIKI says:

Values: {low_skill_value, low_skill_spotting_probability,
high_skill_value, high_skill_spotting_probability}

Details: AI with a skill value at or lower than low_skill_value will
have a low_skill_spotting_probability chance of spotting a target.
AI with a skill value at or above high_skill_value will have a
high_skill_spotting_probability chance of spotting a target.
Is it two pairs of skill level for units below a given unit skill or above.

Like ... = {0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9};

An AI unit with unit skill below 0.3 have the given skill at 0.5.
Units about 0.7 have it at 0.9.

3) In between 0.3 and 0.7 there is probably a lineral correlation
between given the unit between 0.5 and 0.9. Or how does it work?

4) Can you please confirm their value range to be 0-1. Or is that not
true for every skill?

5) How does the AI skill one sets in difficulty interacts with the unit
skill one sets in the editor?

Is it like two modifiers:

ActualSkillForTheGivenUnit = DifficultySkillCoef * CfgAISkillCoef * UnitSkill;

6) Are these different skills affected/changed while playing
(for example by suppression/fleeing/morale/unit presence).

7) What is the effect of SuperAI? Does it set all units skill level to the maximum (1)?

8) Some people say that aiDispersionCoef is no longer applied
when the unitSkill / difficultySkill is at maxium - is that true?

Updated by Jedra over 5 years ago

I am also interested in knowing how this works and what effect it has. I have noticed that setting values in cfgAISkill via a config override does not actually affect the skills array for any given unit. The skills array seems to always default to whatever overall skill value has been set (in the editor) for that unit.

I would have expected that the skills array for units would be modified based on the parameters set per unit skill in CfgAISkill. More details can be found in this post on the forums;


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