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Digital watch

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So in the last version of ACE (506) we got a nice digital altimeter. Wouldn't it be a good idea to make a userconfig toggleable, digital watch replacement for the analogue watch? Since RTT isn't in the engine, it would only be a 2D texture (unlike the alt. compass).


Updated by kOepi almost 6 years ago

sorry, but this is quite an impolite request.
Don't you think that they have enough work to do?
this request is no reality improvement at all.
there is no advantage of having a digital watch, in RL maybe even a disdvantage.

it is only more work.

I had to say that !

Updated by Robalo almost 6 years ago

The Suunto Altimeter would be nice as an additional watch item.
Then the player could use it for both HALO or as a replacement for the default analogue watch (can probably steal and reuse the default watch key as we did for the binocs).

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Updated by MagicStuffUser almost 5 years ago

We find the way how attach watch model for left hand, he have a working digits, here just need add simple animation to view on watch :)
For HALO its be possible too :)

Devs what you think about this?! Or keep this feature for A3? ;)

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