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Damage to engine block causes vehicle immobility

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Large rounds or anti-materiel rounds striking engine block area cause significant damage to unarmoured engine compartment, disabling vehicle movement.


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It would be nice, because now if you get a direct engine hit, you are dead.

Proposed changes:

- Add something like "ace_engine_type" to vehicles. Possible variables would be "petrol, diesel". Petrol engines would have a high chance of exploding, diesel engines mediocre to low.
- Make some magic math for critical engine hits.
- Slowing down after 50% damage?

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Damage to engine already makes for disabled vehicle movement right?
If the weapon does no damage to the Engine, perhaps we have a penetration / damage issue

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I believe the ticket is more about unarmored cars. Currently their damage is handled by the engine (based on hit-points). I might look into scripting it as well.

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I dont understand this ticket. if a bullet runs through an engine block, the engine will stop working.
with a bit of luck only one cylinder will deny its duty.
the engine normally is made of aluminium which is pretty soft.

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