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mine explosion with no reasons

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Question to mine creator...
Antitank mines (MineE) can explode with no reason?
If no, then i find bug...


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Tell us

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rocko wrote:

Tell us

I will try to accurately describe how it happened...

1. We game in multiplayer
2. In first day game we go setup mines about Bastam
3. We did setup 100+ mineE there. Established as follows:
A little buried, buried under the ground, A little buried, buried under the ground... and so all 100+ mines

4. Save game
5. On next day we load mission and continued Game
6. We go in airstrip and begin setup mines
7. We did setup about 60-70 mines (A little buried so all) and...

Suddenly explodes one of the first mines laid by airstrip! We confused and go check!
We climbed the hill and see that the mines have Bastam have driven tanks!

The tanks were torn up by mines and because of this reason, exploded mines laid at the airstrip ...
In total, we have noticed two mines at the airport explosion and immediately ran away from there (perhaps, in airstrip did detonate more mines, but we is dead...).

Ace Build 502

Updated by BlackHawk almost 6 years ago

I also noticed this localisation issues with all types of mines, for example:
1. I place bunch of mines in editor.
2. AI units are setting off 3 - 5 mines.
3. Strange behaviour of mines: when other AIs step on mine A, mine B pretty far away is exploding and mine A is disappearing and giving an error.

Sorry for no RPTs, repro missions, plastic dildos, I don't have time for that now.

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Available in the just released ACE for OA 1.12 RC5

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