Bug #2417

wounded AI gain a CONSTANT value of "knowledge" about shooter ignoring class, concealement, stance and weapon (+ Dead ai still gains knowasbout).

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Category:AI Issues
Target version:1.03.58627
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1) Load the attached mission

2) go prone, hide behind near bushes and hit the specnaz far in front of you. After you've hit him you'll see in the looping chat message that his knowsabout of you is raised to 1.5.

4) Restart mission, go very near to the victim (remaining undisclosed) and hit him from standing stance. After you've hit him you'll see his knowsabout of you is 1.5.

5) Test again, hit the victim from different stance / distance and with different weapons. Swap player unit class too. You will always see that knowsabout will raise to 1.4 or 1.5.


An AI unit being hit should gain a degree of knowledge about the shooter strictly related to visibility and audibility, so in short knowsabout should not be constant: it should take in account at very least:

1) shooter visibility (shooter class, stance, concealement, movement, distance)

2) shooter audibility (shooter class, movement, weapon type)


While testing this i noticed another weird thing: a unit that is dead still gains knowledege (knowsabout) about the killer.
This is again a major issue, don't know if it's eventually related to: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/2067 or not.
Let me know if a different ticket is needed.

check_AI_hit_awareness_a.Chernarus.zip (1.5 kB) fabrizioT, 06/30/2009 16:56

check_AI_hit_awareness_b.Chernarus.zip (1.5 kB) fabrizioT, 07/10/2009 14:58

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Related to #2067 in the way of the new ticket Suma requested.

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knowsAbout is not very good metrics of AI knowledge. The fact I am hit really gives me some knowledge there is some enemy around. It does not give me a lot of knowledge about type of enemy and almost no information about its position (other than it is probably somewhere close).

Therefore I cannot accept the fact "his knowsabout of you is 1.5" as a bug.

You should either check target information using nearTargets to demonstrate AI gets impossibly precise knowledge of the enemy, or show some behaviour which demonstrates this (like AI returning precision fire to player who hit him, without AI actually seeing the player)

Note: the issue described in sidenote about dead unit is exactly what should have already been fixed in the fix of #2067.

Updated by alef almost 8 years ago

For info: nearTargets was used in #1626 "AI Slow turning/ Slow Aiming".

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Updated by fabrizioT almost 8 years ago

Ok thank you Suma, here you go:

Example of unaware AI unit returning precision fire on prone player, after being hit from behind by a single shot fired through a suppressed weapon from 150m ...

See attached mission.


  • go prone (lower objects detail so grass won't clutter your view)
  • shoot some bullets in the sky just to be sure that the OPFOR "victim" that is 150m. in front of you CAN'T HEAR your gunfire ...
  • fire a sigle shot on him. Don't move, Stand still.


  • 2 tries out of 3 in average the victim just turns 120-130° and fires on you. Notice how his perception of your position (= "NEARTARGETS" position ) is accurate.


Somebody will eventually say something like:

"maybe the victim is turning and looking in your GENERAL direction and then just spots you with his peripheral vision ...".

Ok let's check it out.
  • Just open the "main.sqf" file and add the line: "sleep(6); _victim lookAt position player;" just under the line reading "_victim setunitpos 'UP';".
  • Save and load the mission.
  • On load quickly go prone and then stay still.
  • Can the victim see you when turning and looking towards your exact position ? No (and this is by itself another strange issue!).

However, for the sake of our case, if enemy can't see you when looking towards your exact position then he won't be able to spot you when turning towards your "general" direction, right ?

So what is telling him where you exactly are ? How can he pinpoint you so easily ?

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kju i gave feedback on this one, what i am supposed to do now ?
The only option i have as STATUS change is "Closed".
Or should i reassign the issue to somebody ?

Let me know, regards.

Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

Alef should set it back to assigned I think.
Or you become a CIT manager yourself and take care of it yourself. ;)

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Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

More evidence:


Don't have a repro mission myself yet, this is out of the campaign. I think this is fairly easy to reproduce tho.

EDIT: pasted wrong link first

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Addressed in 1.03 Fixed: Prevent killed AI units reporting who killed them.

Feedback please

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Tested with repro b. No issues.

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Double confirmation and due date expired.

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