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Delivery crates to base

Added by Kol9yN over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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suggest not to blow up cachesas well deliver them to the base, the box will be counted only if the base is deployed. Pull the box out of the house, load the box in the car and bring it back to base. For red it will be reason to ambush on the road! Mine the routes, etc.

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Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Maby can setup in mission settings (on/off)

Updated by PITN over 5 years ago

You are asking OPFOR to drive the cache around the map. Then asking BLUFOR to chase his ass all over the map. While this may be fun for the driver/gunner the other 2/3 of the players are gonna be bored watching the cops and robbers chase. And any opfor or civ vehicle will be shot and destroyed on sight by blufor to prevent this from happeneing.

If you want BLUFOR to stay on roads then you need to limit cross country travel. Force the player to use the roads more becasue they are the quickest route.

To do this one idea I had was that if the vehicle is offroad for more than 3 minutes it would start to get flat tires and take off-road damage. Forcing the players to walk or repair constantly. However, there are certain areas of the map that are only accessable by off-road.

The second idea was to place randome mine fields all over the map. These fields would be visible to OPFOR but not BLUFOR. The fields would have to be in off-road areas only and condensed (50-100m in diameter). This would encourage travel on highways and roads. This would allow OPFOR more opportunities to set up ambush points.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

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Needs to be re-thought.

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

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Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

PITN, about minefields, good idea!
But OPFOR cant bring the crate, destroy only, BLUFOR only can deliver crate to base.
And i propose make intercat this (need 2 players to drag box into car), if its been eazy to code

Updated by PITN over 5 years ago

Sounds something like capture the flag. Maybe put this as a side mission.

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

PITN wrote:

Sounds something like capture the flag. Maybe put this as a side mission.

If you have a time and unique ideas about side missions, please write a plan :)

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

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Updated by BelgarionNL over 5 years ago

why not diversify the main objective? instead of only ammo caches you can have a nuclear bomb/ bomb components/ launch codes/ hostage!

just spice it up a bit then just finding intel for an ammo cache! all the above still require you to get intel!

and something with a big bang like, you have 2 hours to find the location of a activated dirty bomb! that you have to find before it blows up!

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