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After Action Report

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Hi Benny,

The .pbo below is a version of .069 which will show an after action report (AAR). It works for me on my dedicated server running on the same machine as the client (it's all I've got... :( ) but obviously needs testing over a larger network with more players.

It is a bit rough and needs tidying up (and expanding to other maps etc etc etc) but would appreciate you looking at it and maybe....


WarfareV2_069.a.LiteCO.Chernarus.pbo (7.3 MB) The_Atmosphere, 09/04/2011 10:21


Updated by Benny almost 6 years ago

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To be checked :)

Updated by The_Atmosphere almost 6 years ago

Ok, great. Thanks for looking.

Have now done two test one of 6 hrs and one today of 9 hours and both worked. There is a bit of a delay when receiving the data over the network for the 9hr test was about 20/30 secs (in fact I thought arma had crashed at first as the 'ring' wait icon was hovering for a bit but it churned back into life and replayed the mission).

It does need a bit of tidying as it is at the moment and I think could be made better (by you, rather than me!) but I hope this prrof of principle can be made into something.


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