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Realistic wounds, damage, body armour, ammunition and treatment for infantry.

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Big read, covers wounds, treatment, ammunition variety and body armour for infantry.

I believe this is high priority because it would make the game a lot more realistic.


Updated by BushTucka almost 6 years ago

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There is always a line where realism shall end in a game.

Updated by BushTucka almost 6 years ago

Yes I understand, but this is essentially just adding a bleed out timer to make getting shot more of a hassle, body armour as it is a must in a modern/futuristic military sim and ammunition variety because if you only have standard ball round to shoot armoured targets with you will not have much luck.

(Guerillas and militia may not be able to afford or get their hands on armour piercing rounds so for added realism they may have ball rounds instead.)

Bottom line is body armour needs to be implemented to make any modern war sim realistic, and wounds you can die from if they aren't attended to, because this would increase the realism in the way combat actually flows in the game, rather than just make it more true to life for hardcore fans. Ammunition variety goes with having body armour.

Updated by Magician almost 6 years ago

we take as an example @SLX addon
lucky bullets cause a shock sits stunned
shot in the leg or arm lets you out of combat and can only crawl and bleeding
high caliber gunfire or explosions turn your body into a dismembered body

Updated by BushTucka almost 6 years ago

SLX in un-realistic though. Bullets that hit the soldier (not stopped by body armour) should leave a soldier incapacitated. In real life a soldier does not stand up after a 556 bullet fragments inside of them. There are some videos of the old 556 being ineffective because it did not fragment when it was meant to but this issue has been fixed.

Updated by BushTucka almost 6 years ago

...and a bullet does not have enough force behind it to knock a person off their feet, people are slightly "knocked back" due to a flinch reaction, people fall due to pain when actually shot, the bullet does not blow them off their feet.

Updated by CarlGustaffa almost 6 years ago

Voted no, sorry. Such amounts of realism belongs in either mods or when using the medical modules, which I think are sufficient for "making more hazzle". The medical modules supports agony, long time healing requirements, and bleeding out, and can be used when you want it.

They could be improved, of course. But not replace the vanilla slightly arcadish medical system. The game needs that for more unrealistic missions, like Domination. It's needed to attract new players to the game (uuh, "CoD people"), but you can only hope to convert them to realistic playing as time passes, but not insert them right in the middle of realism hell - they would leave and never look back.

Updated by BushTucka almost 6 years ago

The only differences in this compared to the AIS module is that medics have better healing abilities than soldiers (before soldiers could heal, but not full heal, but with my idea they can only stabilize the wounded and wait for a medic), and that instead of magically healing the wounded, actual medical equipment is required, just like ammo is required to use your weapon. Unnecessary? No, some players would probably turn around and say it is unnecessary to have limited ammo on mounted weapons and in vehicles, or that having bullet drop effects is unnecessary, but this is more realistic, isn't that what arma strives for?

About the 'cod gamers', personally i think someone who wants to play arma should play it to the full, instead of BIS having to restrict their loyal community features so that 'cod gamers' can also play, it's like playing flight simulator and complaining it's too realistic... but end of the day that is only my opinion. Fact is though, if this is all included in the AIS module, it is optional to turn off so these 'cod gamers' can play without the added realism and there is nothing to worry about.

Also, I hear BIS is looking to improve their medical system.

On the topic of body armour, it is a newly discussed topic when it comes to wounds, yet any soldier will tell you they all where it, and any good source of information will tell you they are very effective at stopping non-armour-piercing rounds, what is your opinion on body armour in arma 3?

(common sense says that if two actual militaries went to war against each other, armour piercing ammunition would be used to counter the use of body armour, but when it comes to facing geurillas with ball ammunition, body armour could make the game not only more interesting, but more realistic.)

Updated by Magician about 5 years ago

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no sure about so complicated AIS module, but need better animations its for sure.if Arma 3 use physc X i dont wanna see a player flight like superman or dancing when shootem by Tank HE ammo.

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