Bug #23970

Turned out crew invulnerable to explosions

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Summary: Turned out crew of the tank doesn't take any damage from explosives (artillery shells, grenades, etc.). This counts for all tanks and APCs - BLUFOR and OPFOR ones.
How to reproduce:
Use my repro mission and press 0-0-1 to spawn the shell on top of the tank.

Expected Result: Crew dies from the shockwave from explosion next to their tank, not to mention direct hit to it.
Observed Result: Crew is untouched, it's looking like they are taking same damage as when they are turned in.

Issue reproducible with 1.59 and latest beta. Didn't use any mods.

crew_damage_test.Desert_E.pbo (2.6 kB) BlackHawk, 08/31/2011 10:11

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Basically any exposed units from any vehicle (e.g. open SOV, Jackal) don't suffer from explosions, hence you can drop a rifle grenade on top of a roof-less jeep and the crew isn't particularly bothered by it.

Same issue as #15289, #12089 and similar to #15981 I would guess.

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