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Please add in Commander GUI direct unit purchase for squads #2 child of 9175

Added by INNOCENTandCLUELESS almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Target version:Future
Affected Version:2.070 I am using some Mods:No
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As in crCTI I suggest to allow the commander to a.) purchase a unit directly for a squad (regardless if controlled by AI or human) and b.) if the unit is an vehicle let the commander also decide which positions will be manned.

Previous TT was partly solved.

The missing part left over is to add in the menu where units are "purchased" for the commander the possibility to select the (AI or human lead)-squad to which the purchased unit is added.

This will enable the commander to assemble intended squad loadout on very detailed level.


Updated by INNOCENTandCLUELESS over 5 years ago

  • Affected Version changed from 2.069 to 2.070

I still would like to have the feature that the commander can buy not only for his own group units, I would like to enable it also for the squads.
3 settings would be welcome:

1. no comander purchase for other squads
2. commander can only purchase and drop for AI guarded squads (setting ignored when no AI squads allowed)
3. commander can purchase and drop units for AI and human lead squads

Updated by Benny over 5 years ago

Available in WF3.

Also available in: Atom PDF