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ACEX_SM horribly loud&sharp gear on soldier sound

Added by Megagoth1702 about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Hey folks.

The gear on soldier sound currently is a bit too loud, it sounds like you carry multiple metal plates with small metal balls scratching on them. The gear sound is too sharp and loud compared to the step sounds. Make them a bit softer, quiter and more "clothy" to simulate gear sound. A good example is anders sound mod.

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Updated by TheBlessedPig about 4 years ago

This has always bothered me too. It sounds like the soldier carries metal all over his body. Some retired soldiers told me that each NCO's duty is also to ensure that no soldier makes any noise when moving (aside from the footsteps.) It is not real when you walk and there is that metal clicking, no soldier would go on patrol like that.

Updated by rye about 4 years ago

Yup goes with your pre-combat checks to make sure that's not happening. Personally don't mind it though.

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Available in about to be released ACE for OA 1.12 RC4

Updated by cyrilator almost 4 years ago

does this metallic sound supposed to be removed since the 1.12RC4 ? because I still encounter this metallic sound with the latest version 1.13RC3 (ACE r519)(ACE_SM r99).

Like TheBlessedPig said, no soldier would go on patrol like that.

Updated by cyrilator over 3 years ago

still present in the latest ACE version (1.13 final)..

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