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Mouse Lag, Mouse Acceleration on/off option

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In comparison to mouse movement in Arma1 the mouse movement/acceleration seems to have changed.
The faster the mouse is moved the more it accelerates the view.

Many games have an option for turning acceleration on/off, much like reverse mouse.
For a percentage of players, this is an essential preference to their play style.

Unsure as to whether this is a bug or a missing feature.
Issue is discussed in depth in the following thread, and although there are some work arounds,
they are fiddly and not fool-proof.


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duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #4491: Faster mouse movement, slower character movement Assigned 09/13/2009 07/01/2011


Updated by LMLM almost 9 years ago

With regards to mouse lag, I think that is a performance issue. Try turning off anti-aliasing and post processing. That should help. Also try lowering your 3d resolution (as a test).

Updated by kju almost 9 years ago

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Updated by Whisper almost 8 years ago

How can we measure this? I know I have mouse lag, more or less depending on config, but how to asses it correctly?

Example :
E6400 @ 2.3GHz, 2G RAM, 8800GT 512M, Win XP SP2, mouse MX1000 (cordless)
Settings 1280*1024, 100% fillrate, FSAA medium, terrain detail low, object detail high, VRAM High, Texture normal, PP low, shadow off
FPS in MP game 15, mouselag is very noticeable

Settings 1280*1024, 100% fillrate, FSAA disabled, terrain detail very low, object detail very low, VRAM high, Texture low, PP off, shadow off
FPS in MP game 40, mouselag far less noticeable but still present.

Not too precise for a report, isn't it?

Updated by zGuba almost 8 years ago

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I guess it's related to CPU/VRAM performance. I had mouse lag in A1 when I set everything to medium on XP/8600GT+ despite of reasonable frame rate.

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I think this is due for 1.05 BETA.

Giving an extra month for 1.05 to develop and to verify. Also I think the current BETA drivers from Nvidia help it a lot!

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This request bundles issues I'll rather re-open #4491 again instead - not only a performance issue.

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