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Enhance Information Passed for Killed EH

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[unit (returns vehicle if killer is vehicle), killer]


[unit, killer (returns unit who fired round), weapon]

Killer (returns unit who fired round): I'm not sure why the vehicle of the killer is returned. It's easy enough to use vehicle _killer to get that information. On the reverse however, it's very difficult to get the killer (actual) from the vehicle. This is very important for teamkilling scripts and stats. Using a bunch of if then else I can get pretty close but it will never be 100% accurate.

Weapon: If a player fires a weapon, switches weapons (or drops it), and then hits a vehicle for example; currentWeapon, currentMuzzle, or anything else becomes useless.

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Well, combined with a possibility to turn off kill messages by script (not by difficulty), you could do your own kill messages this way, which show who killed whom. Good thinking. Anyone does the other ticket? :-)

Updated by Spyder001 almost 6 years ago

I do (although you have to turn off kill messages in the difficulty of course) :P


Updated by Dr_Eyeball almost 6 years ago

I don't think the extra weapon parameter alone, will be sufficient to cover all concerns of both determine the killing player and the weapon used, for all cases (vehicle or person).

Reason: If a vehicles has 2 identicle weapons (eg: blackhawk MG's x2) or if player uses Manual Fire, then you still won't be able to accurately determine the killer.

Maybe in addition to the weapon parameter, you would also need a KillerPerson parameter, which would be the person in the vehicle who caused the final kill.

(I also considered a TurretPath parameter instead, but this has too many flaws.)

[unit (person or vehicle), killer (person or vehicle), weapon, killerPerson (person)]

Updated by Spyder001 almost 6 years ago

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I actually messed that up when i listed it. It was supposed to be killer, like you said the one that actually did the kill. It is meant to replace what they return now, being killer (vehicle or player).


Dr Eyeball's suggestion is better so as no scripts are broken.

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