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Evolution on PMCs Desert maps?

Added by Smashk almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:Rejected Start date:08/23/2011
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Target version:- Estimated time:1.00 hour
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Affected ArmA II version:1.59.79384 Language:Please set for missions
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Ever thought about an Evolution on PMC's desert maps?
especially the 51km x 51km with dozens of citys would be a very nice place for an EVO.




Updated by Smashk almost 6 years ago

sry, not a Bug but a Feature

Updated by Sickboy almost 6 years ago

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So change it to feature.

Updated by Smashk almost 6 years ago

As I can see it's not possible for me to change between bug+feature while editing, only once at creation time.

Anyway, is the PMC-desert 51x51km-map in the Six-updater-mod-list?

Updated by Smashk almost 6 years ago

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I need to correct myself.
I tested all of the 4 PMC-maps:
Rattler (25x25 km desert)
51x51km desert

none of them are useable at the moment, still early WIP
but later at least the Rugen and the 51km would be a nice Evo-experience
at the big desert one it takes several minutes to fly at full speed (F35; 900-1000km/h) from north to south
so it would be a good training for the logistics

but: later

Updated by Psychobastard almost 6 years ago

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hi, every island and/or map is possible but let me first make a beta-release for takistan! ;-) (comming soon)

Updated by Psychobastard over 5 years ago

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I see no need for this feature from other players.

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