Bug #23699

Losing scroll menu during firefight and after healing yourself

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Target version:Multi-Session Operations - MSO v4.0
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I ran accross this twice now where when injured and healing myself the submenu dissapears and switches to pistol. nothing will bring it back and I am not able to change guns. Running v3.45 ACE. Any Idea's?

Also, whats with the radio pack/ruck sack not staying with the player when entering a helicopter? Is there a way to make this persistant?


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I will need to repro the first one before answering.

The second I'm pretty sure is an ACE thing: * Jet pilots are not able to carry primary weapons with them in the cockpit. Helicopter pilots still can carry a primary weapon (does NOT include rocket launchers, backpacks and machineguns - these are stored in a bag outside the aircraft), refs #19025 [rocko]

Updated by VRCRaptor almost 6 years ago

ok, the wounding problem is this, even though you have the ACE wounds enabled to heal and such, when the player gets hit hard, he loses all action menu items including the ability to reload his weapon. if in this state, you can heal and apply first aid to yourself but still have no action menu when you are back up and fixed. to fix this, you have to have your buddy in the game apply the first aid from his action menu, not the ace first aid, to restore the action menu to the player that was injured. While this is a great idea if you are not using ACE, there should be a auto detect ACE wounds or a parameter to disable the built in version if using ACE wounds. You can get caught in vehicle injured and have no way out if there is no action menu. This has been reproduced on Takistan, Chernarus, Qom Province without fail by multiple players.

Question, is there a comment that can be added to disable the built in wounding system when using the ACE wounds?

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In the support\modules\modules.hpp:

// #define RMM_REVIVE

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