Bug #2366

No revealing/locking with missiles on turrets

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ok, this one is rather hard to describe, yet this has been a bug since ArmA.
Let's try..

Place an AH1 with you being the gunner and an enemy tank somewhere next to you.
Now switch to the gunner optics and select the Hellfire missiles, then and try to reveal and lock on the target by moving the crosshair on the enemy tank and using the right mouse button ("Lock or Zoom" / "Reveal" in control options); it won't work.
Locking on the target is only possible by using the "Next Target" key (typically tab); and that only works if the target has been revealed earlier.

This makes using mast mounted sights, which are quite common (not only on air vehicles) pretty much useless, as you can't hide behind a hill and reveal / lock targets from there.
The only solution to this problem right now is adding a (machine) gun like weapon to the specific turret, that moves with the mast mounted sight. however, there's a lot of vehicles that don't have such a gun (e.g. the Kiowa, Apache, Tiger, ...) and thus this solution is not practicable.

NoRevealinglockingWithMissilesOnTurrets.utes.7z (687 Bytes) kju, 01/04/2010 17:49

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Yes, that's indeed a controls problem - the mark target/zoom button (default: hold secondary mouse) should not zoom out when in a zoom vision of a vehicle.

Sorry, I mixed something up here.

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It seems a more gameplay topic and not related to controls.
Missile type weapons can not direct click lock.

This could be even by design. So only tab lock for missiles (for whatever reason).

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The source is actually very different.

RMB direct click lock is based on the cursor position.

For helicopters the cursor for non main weapons is fixed and cannot be moved,
even if it seems different while looking through the topics - the cursor position
is center and fixed.

So RMB lock only works if the target is in the center of the cursor.

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Seems to work fine here.
RMB works.

Compared to OFP the problem is that you have no cursor
during the ALT + mouse view.

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