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Implement support radio/computer

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This is a idea, to use greats scripts like @medevac @ldl or @mma in armory game.
Radiobag with atributes of launchers, batery use 6 main slots, and use like launchers,calling console gui (example @mma console) , one call one battery.

mma_console.JPG (184.7 kB) Magician, 08/19/2011 00:34

ldl_console.JPG (148.5 kB) Magician, 08/19/2011 00:35

realconsole_cr.jpg (70.7 kB) Fireball, 08/24/2011 05:44


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  • Due date set to 09/05/2011
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Is this some real thing or are you asking to have user created stuff included by BIS?

For the latter thing, you're at the wrong address here...

Updated by Magician over 5 years ago

commands comunications, for CAS, or support, must be a weapon!!request addons

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  • Subject changed from Radiobag Weapon to AN/PSN-11 artillery computer
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Ok, you you want the AN/PSN-11 in-game. Got it. But since there is already some sort of artillery computer in OA, I guess you won't be lucky...

IMO it would be wrong to design it to be a "launcher"; maybe more like a laser designator, if it should use battery.

Please think your request over, be clear on what you want and describe it. If you don't know what a AN/PSN-11 is look it up, I'm not going to write the ticket for you.

Remember, one request per ticket.

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Updated by CarlGustaffa over 5 years ago

PLGR for artillery computer? Ref this:
only the DAGR have gun laying capabilities.
For positioning of the battery, any GPS (or even scripted) will suffice.

Am I missing something?

Updated by Magician over 5 years ago

Actual mode

project "request support" idea.more visual and comm weaponary, 1 battery 6 slots

visual from @slx @ldl only need a script to merged and permissions

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  • Subject changed from AN/PSN-11 artillery computer to Implement support radio/computer
  • Due date changed from 09/05/2011 to 09/10/2011

My bad with the title, but this ticket lacks completely any good english description, only a list of mods which mean absolutely nothing to me.

Either someone write up what this ticket is about what is wanted in decent english (understandable), or I reject it straight out after 2 weeks.

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