Bug #23553

Infantry weapon model blocks bullets, shields infantry as no/very little subsequent damage gets applied

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In arma the weapon model has it owns hit/geometry LOD even while in use by infantry.

Unfortunately this often leads to the weapon block an otherwise unit hit with no consequences.
I assume in real life the force would have effects like damaging the weapon, relay a lot of
force still on the weapon holder, often still hurt the weapon holder from the recoil.

In arma it seems the bullet is completely gone / eaten by the weapon model on impact.

Maybe this is due to a material penetration issue?

In arma when an unit is kneeling or crouch, or has a bigger weapon model like MG or a launcher
there is, realistically, an even higher chance to hit the weapon model rather than the weapon holder.
Therefore it acts an rather effective shield avoid the weapon holder getting injured.

Simple solution: Make weapons not block bullets at all.
Complex solution: Improve the material penetration and add effects to the unit on weapon hit.

  1. Load the attached demo mission in the editor
  2. Aim at the weapon of any of the AI in sight
  3. Note the lack of damage on weapon hit
  • All AI are invulnerable
  • On fired the time is decelerated to 0.1 times to easily see a weapon hit
  • The chat shows component damage in integer values. 100 is 100% damage = unit dead (normally 1.00)
  • The screenshots show various examples of the said situation
  • On perfect weapon hits you see the sparks and no damage at all applied
  • Yet there are also weapon hits where you get a blood splash, but only very little damage applied too

WeaponBlock.desert_e.7z (1.2 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:58

NormalDamage1.jpg (134.7 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:58

NormalDamage2.jpg (137.4 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:58

NormalDamage3.jpg (129.3 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:58

Deflected06.jpg (149.1 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected07.jpg (127.8 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected08.jpg (124.1 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected01.jpg (128.7 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected02.jpg (121.2 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected03.jpg (122.4 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected04.jpg (116.9 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

Deflected05.jpg (126.5 kB) kju, 08/18/2011 08:59

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Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

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Updated by alef almost 6 years ago

Yet there are also weapon hits where you get a blood splash, but only very little damage applied too

That's exactly what I've seen preparing a repro for #23310, and lead me think that some headshots may be confused at distance with damage happening mostly to "hands" section.

Updated by Fireball almost 6 years ago

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Updated by CarlGustaffa over 5 years ago

How about for
AI: Some amount of (mimimum random) setDir to throw him off balance, forcing him to resight.
Human: Add a good amount of camera shake to throw us off balance, providing input and preventing quick resight.
No blood splatter when weapon is hit.

Updated by Magician over 5 years ago

add to spark script, weapon drop script?

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

weapon drop = very annoying
setDir for AI = maybe OK but it could turn out ugly too - both visual and gameplay wise
cameraShake for players = should be possible to disable as it might cause dizziness like headbob and should be very soft at max

overall your comments are not really on topic
this ticket is about lack of damage or way too little

yours are suggestions tickets - feel free to create em

Updated by msy over 5 years ago

weapon should be penetrated like thin metal sheet, besides a weapon would be consisted of more plastic than metal.

Updated by kju over 4 years ago

  • Due date deleted (12/01/2011)
  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.60 BETA to 1.62.95248
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