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Coop Mode

Added by BL1P almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Adding a new param that would allow for coop play only

3 choices maybe :-

1.deactivated (default)
2.coop as blufor
3.coop as opfor

If coop selected then AI only can play on the opposing side and AI would have almost unlimited funds
Playing on the AI team should not be possible


Updated by Benny almost 6 years ago

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Remember that due to engine nature, lobby slots cannot be removed with a param, it would require non playable slots in editor.

Yet i'll see if i can work something out

Updated by BL1P almost 6 years ago

What I did was make the screen black for 1 hour if you joined the east side

eg. /* Client west only added by blip */
if (sideJoined === east) then {
12452 cutText ["You are not allowed on Opfor!","BLACK FADED",50000];
sleep 3600;

I guess you can add if param === blabla and sidejoined == blabla then blabla

Ignore the extra equals had to add something to make the text show for some reason ?? double equals seems to disappear in the forum layout

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