Bug #23360

Parachute landing - unit jumps into the air

Added by F2kSel almost 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:Assigned Start date:08/11/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:12/11/2011
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Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:
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When the parachute lands the unit seems to jump 2 meters into the air before falling back to the ground.


Manned parachutes placed in the air using setpos getpos ect and allowed to drop.

When the unit reaches the ground the animation forces the unit back into the air approx 2 meters off the ground.

The unit in the cute should stay on the ground and not jump 2 meters into the air.

Bug_Parachute.utes.7z (774 Bytes) F2kSel, 08/11/2011 22:29


Updated by AGW-Grimes almost 6 years ago

Especially seen on hills/mountains/uneven surface.

Updated by zGuba almost 6 years ago

  • Due date set to 12/11/2011
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