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AI infantry in combat mode never sprints (to cover for example)

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For example when AI is under fire and it is trying to reach a new cover point,
it should consider to spring there to get there ASAP.

Another example might be nearby armor/very dangerous threat to make AI seek
cover/safety ASAP.

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Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

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Here is a demo mission that shows one problem.

The bluefor AI takes out a first OPFOR.
It now switches to combat behavior. This means it moves very slowly (walk).
And it tends to lay down several times in this situation.

Most times it gets under fire from the second AI while still in the open.

Instead if should sprint for cover (the barracks on the left side).

Or stay crouch/lay down to return fire effectively.
Right now with the weapon sway from movement, injury, near hits,
the bluefor AI (esp. when not being invulnerable) has little chance.

Updated by Sonsalt almost 6 years ago

Especially in urban areas this behavior gets most of the AI killed and reduces significantly the Experience playing againt it

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