Bug #23303

AI in careless behaviour behavior still reacts on DCCanFire events by stopping for several seconds.

Added by kju almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:08/10/2011
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Category:AI Issues
Target version:1.60.87580
Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:
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I am using:CO (OA+A2) BIForumURL:
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Probably in careless should not call the danger FSM at all.
At least it should not make the unit stop by a DCCanFire events.

  1. Run the mission in the editor
  2. Notice the AI in careless mode stopping once it sees enemies (which cause a DCCanFire event)

carelessStopsOnCanFire.utes.7z (832 Bytes) kju, 08/10/2011 11:10


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You beat me on this one :)
very true

Updated by Suma almost 6 years ago

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DCCanFire no longer sent to careless units (and to units holding fire as well). It might be a bit cleaner to fix this in the FSM itself, but this is a lot simpler for me now (it also allows for beta testing, as no data changes are required) and I do not see any particular disadvantages.


Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

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